Mead Experiments

September 6, 2020

How hard could it be?

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I'm brewing three new batches of mead.


The first (in the back in the picture) is similar to my previous batches, described below, with clover honey

The second, on the right in the picture, is made with only 16oz of CA wildflower honey per half gallon (equivalent to 32oz/gal). The idea is to see if I can make the final product less sweet by letting the yeast get through more of the honey before reaching their max ABV.

The third batch is made with about 32oz of pure maple syrup, and about 8oz of honey (half gallon). Never tried this before and curious to see how it comes out.


My earlier batches:

  • First one was 5 gallons, with __ oz of honey, some clover honey and some New Mexico mesquite. After most of the fermentation was complete, I split it into 5 one gallon batches. Kept two plain and added blueberries, strawberries, and oranges to the other three respectively.
  • Second and third batches were mainly the same, but with brewed in one gallon increments, no fruit, and using only clover honey.