I wanted to try stand or semi-stand development for its promise of handling a wide range of ISO ratings on the same roll. I've read that Rodinal is the stuff that works best for this.

But as of early Auguest 2021, Rodinal seems sold out in the US. So I followed the recipe from Kaspar at, and produced the black and white images from this post.

To make 450ml of Rodinal (perfect for storage in a kombucha bottle):

  • 360 ml water + 90ml
  • 90g sodium sulfite
  • 36g sodium hydroxide
  • 27g acetominaphen pills, crushed

Start with 360 ml water in a mixing vessel. Add the 90g sodium sulfite and stir. Then slowly add the sodium sulfite, stirring, until dissolved. Add acetominaphen while still hot, stir in.

Bottle, and wait 72 hours before using.